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Altice International Innovation Award

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Startups ecosystem is vital “to promote Portugal’s competitiveness”

Durante a cerimónia de entrega de prémios.

Startups ecosystem is vital “to promote Portugal’s competitiveness”

So says Altice’s CEO, Ana Figueiredo, emphasising the importance of maintaining investment in “tech-based initiatives” so that the country will continue to bear fruit internationally.

Altice Portugal’s strategy throughout the years has been to invest heavily and continuously in technological innovation – and, contrary to what one might think, this isn’t restricted to the telecoms sector. Nevertheless, the group’s historical investment in developing these infrastructures helped put Portugal at the forefront in Europe as regards coverage. The country boasts “fibre optic coverage in 91% of Portuguese homes”, way above the current European average of 56%. “In terms of physical technological infrastructures, Portugal is in a better position than most countries in Europe”, said Ana Figueiredo during the Altice International Innovation Award ceremony.

According to the CEO, these figures – alongside a 93% coverage by high-capacity networks – have contributed greatly to the country’s technological transformation.” But more than that, these investments serve as a vital foundation to leverage the innovation ecosystem which, as she points out, helps to “promote Portugal’s competitiveness.”

“In developing this strategy, we feel it’s vital to create an ecosystem which is favourable to the development and operation of these technology hubs and also, of course, to attracting investment leveraged on simplified administration and regulation, on retaining skills and talent.”

To this end, it is crucial to keep strengthening a close relationship between “academia and research centres”, as well as startups, in an “ecosystem which we also need to be entrepreneurial.” Speaking with Sábado, Ana Figueiredo acknowledges that the success achieved by Altice Labs, the group’s fighting force focused on innovation, comes from a trifecta: the link between the academy, companies and the startups ecosystem. “It is the academy that breeds knowledge and excellence, which can then be applied within a corporate or industrial context.”

Be bold, be brave, be daring, and above all, be innovative in everything you do to promote the competitiveness of your companies and ideas.

Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice Portugal

Over 500 thousand euros for disruption

Ana Figueiredo underscores the importance of initiatives such as the Altice International Innovation Award in ensuring investment for new technology-based ideas, and looks back on the AIIA’s seven-year history. “These awards basically aim to reward and support tech-based initiatives relating to digital inclusion and accessibility and also relating to searching for better solutions to problems facing society and companies.”

Over their seven years of existence, these awards have received over 600 applications from Portuguese and overseas entrepreneurs, resulting in 17 winning projects, “totalling an investment of over half a million euros”. This year’s ideas pitched to the jury panel were based on “the latest innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, 5G and the internet of things.”

As she urged the winners of the four categories – Inclui, Startup, Academy and the special award, Born to Knowledge, in partnership with the National Innovation Agency – Ana Figueiredo also inspired the audience to “Be bold, be brave, be daring, and above all, be innovative in everything you do to promote the competitiveness of your companies and ideas.”

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